Harizanmai GOTCH
針三昧 五打 “花火”

ぬばたまの夜空に咲き誇る大輪の花火で背中一面を飾った前衛至極の大作。彫り上げたのは独創性溢れる作品群で世界的に名を馳せる京都 針三昧の代表、五打氏だ。
The avant-garde back piece which depicts spectacular fireworks blooming in the black night sky. The artist is Gotch, a representative of Harizanmai tattoo studio in Kyoto, who is world-renowned for his great originality.
The power that overwhelms the viewer is attributed not only to the bold composition, but also to the strong contrast between the jet-black and the base color of the skin. Despite such deep black, there is no unevenness and color fading, which shows Gotch’s excellent skill.

The design on the top and bottom is Gotch’s original “Jinjya (shrine) Tribal”, inspired by the architectural decorations of shrines and temples. While giving the work a profound strength, it also adds a quaint atmosphere, as if you were watching fireworks from within the precincts of the shrine on the day of a festival.


Although the most part is tattooed solidly using the tsubushi (packing) technique, depth is expressed only in the center of the fireworks by bokashi (shading), which creates the elegance of the fireworks spreading in the night sky.

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