Yellow Blaze Tattoo SHIGE

伝統に学びながらもその安寧に甘んじることなく、己一人の道を邁進するYELLOW BLAZE TATTOO代表、SHIGE氏。これは氏による近年の作、荒ぶる鬼と乱れ散る桜吹雪の恐ろしくも絢爛なフロントピースだ。

Shige of Yellow Blaze Tattoo has been learning from tradition, but not settling for that sanctuary and is forging ahead on his own path. This is a recent work by him, a terrifying and gorgeous front piece of raging oni and scattered cherry blossoms.

His work appears to have extremely high resolution. This impression is not simply because his way of drawing is elaborate, but because even the slightest line or spot of color is clearly applied into the skin, just as he intended.


Note the cherry blossoms placed in a small space the armpit behind the oni. This device creates a spatial connection when the sleeve and torso are viewed together, and at the same time adds depth to the scattered blossoms. Shige is skilled in this kind of three-dimensional approach.

<About Oni>
Although oni has a strong image as an evil being that harms people, the word originally referred to unknowable things that transcended human knowledge. It is a concept that is neither good nor evil in itself, but embodies a mighty energy like nature. Since ancient times, people have borrowed the power of oni to exorcize evil spirits, and its image has been used as talismans and oni-gawara.


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