“Twin Carps”
豊梵天 “双鯉”


飛沫を上げて滝登りのごとく力強く泳ぐ青鯉と、清流の中を優雅に泳ぐ黄鯉の対比が美しい七分袖は横浜 豊梵天氏の作品。青と黄は一見アンバランスな組み合わせとも思えるが、実際には補色となる関係にあるため互いを引き立て合い、心地良く目に入ってくる。

The beautiful contrast between the blue carp swimming powerfully like climbing a waterfall with wave splashes and the yellow carp swimming gracefully in the clear stream is created by Yutaka Bonten in Yokohama.
Blue and yellow may seem to be an unbalanced combination, but actually they are complementary colors that set off each other and are pleasant to the eye.


Not only the use of color, but also the composition of the twin carps facing the sky and the earth, is an expression that makes the viewer aware of the pairing like stillness and movement. This sleeve is well worth seeing as it brings to mind the yin and yang that form the root of all things.

The carp is said to climb up the Dragon’s Gate, a rapid stream of the Yellow River, and transform into a dragon in Chinese legend, and thus is widely popular in the irezumi world as an auspicious subject with the meaning of success in life and leap forward. It is also said to be auspicious for bringing economic fortune, since its pronunciation in Chinese is the same as the word for wealth.
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