“Bald Eagle”
Detroit Diesel Tattoo Works EN


純然たるアメリカントラディショナルに軸足を置きながらも、奔放な発想力で現代的なアプローチも得意とするDETROIT DEASEL TATTOO WORKSのオーナーアーティストEN氏による鮮烈なバックピースである。

This is a vivid back piece by En from Detroit Diesel Tattoo Works, who is devoted to genuine American traditional, but also excels at modern approaches with his unfettered imagination.
Generally, eagle motifs tend to take a horizontal composition with wings spread, but here, an original vertical design of an eagle gliding as if it is about to grab its prey effectively fills the entire back.


The fact that his work, no matter how innovative, appears steady and solid is largely due to his high level of technique. The beauty of the lines and colors, depicted in the constant pursuit of the best possible way, gives the work a definite dignity.


Since ancient times, the eagle has been designed as a symbol of many things, including nations and royal families. It often means freedom, power, authority, bravery, and protection, although the details vary by period and region.

It is not difficult to imagine that the ancient people would have found those meanings in the powerful wings, sharp claws, and watchful eyes of the eagle, the apex of predation which dominates the sky.
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