“Amida Nyorai”
Yellow Blaze Tattoo SHIGE


A great work of Amida Nyorai whose statue conveys the full majesty of them through the magnificent expression of their vestment and halo, although it has a simple form with no accessories. What they sit on is a lotus flower, the sanmayagyo (a symbolic object representing each Buddha) of Amida Nyorai.

When you see this back piece face to face, its splendid detail and vividness could make you feel as if you are admiring a Buddhist painting, not a tattoo work. However, the exquisite composition that utilizes the muscle contour to create different expressions such as compassion or dignity depending on the angle of view is an idea that could only come from tattooing using the human body as a canvas.

The meaning of Amida is “one who has immeasurable light” and “one who has an immeasurable life”, and they are said to transcend space and time to save all sentient beings. Amida Nyorai is the head of the Western Pure Land, and is described by some sects as “the king among the Buddhas” or “the ultimate deity among all light”, and is positioned as the most superior Buddha.


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