“Cho Jun”
渋谷 彫健 “張順”


当代屈指の手彫りの名人との呼び声も高い、渋谷 彫健氏による浪切張順の傑作。にわかには信じ難いことだが、寸分の乱れもないスジまでもが卓越した手彫りの技術によって突き上げられている。

The masterpiece of Namikiri (cutting wave) Cho Jun by Shibuya Horiken, who is highly regarded as one of the best hand-poke tattooers of the present age. It is hard to believe at first glance, but even the flawless clean lines are all done by his prominent technique of hand-poking.



The shading which somehow gives a sense of transparency is the result of his concentration and experience in instantly determining the most appropriate poking method for each stroke. The old-fashioned drawing style, in which he carefully selects lines to adopt and lines to omit, also gives his work a strong individuality.

Except for the back, the tattoos on other parts of the body were done by other artists, and Horiken covered them up.

Cho Jun, a hero in the Chinese classic “Suikoden”, is best known for his final highlight scene “Suimon-Yaburi” (breaking through a water gate) but “Namikiri” (cutting wave) depicted by Katsushika Hokusai is also a fascinating subject for horimono. The way he cuts off the stormy wave with a sword skillfully expresses the character of Cho Jun, who was a talented swimmer and excelled in the martial arts.


In spite of that all of the work is hand-poked, the detailed renderings with attention paid to even the tension in the fingertips of the hands and feet, is remarkable. It is needless to say that such an attitude of not neglecting details enhances the perfection of the work.

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