“Karasu Tengu”
Harizanmai GOTCH
針三昧 五打 “烏天狗”


和を根幹に置きながらも独自に練り上げた作風で、無二の迫力を描き出す京都 針三昧の主宰、五打氏による背中抜き彫りおよび左袖額彫り。



Gotch, who owns Kyoto’s prestigious studio Harizanmai, creates an unrivaled powerful image with a style that is rooted in Japanese culture but is uniquely built.

The mighty figure of a karasu-tengu holding a sanko-ken sword in a powerful stance reminiscent of a Kabuki pose, overwhelms the viewer even without a gaku background.

※Right sleeve is by another artist.


なお余談であるが、天狗と縁深い京都 鞍馬寺には三鈷剣が重要文化財として所蔵されている。

By daring to leave the yamabushi joe kimono without any pattern and use the skin as it is, the contrast with the very rich black of Gotch’s distinctive style stands out, creating a solid and majestic look that immediately dazzles eyes.

As a side note, Kurama-dera Temple in Kyoto, which is closely associated with tengu, has a sanko-ken sword in its collection as an important cultural property.



<About Dragonfly>
Dragonfly is believed to represent the spirit of never retreat because it can only fly straight ahead, and warlords who strongly avoided defeat believed that the dragonfly was an auspicious “kachi-mushi” (winning insect). Helmets, armor, and other accouterments of famous warlords decorated with the figure of a dragonfly survive.

In folk belief, it has been regarded as a beneficial insect that brings about a good harvest because it preys on small insects that harm rice plants.

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