天王寺 彫はる “倶利伽羅剣”


端然とした描線と重厚な呈色を両立させるべく、スジは機械彫り、ボカシは手彫りに徹する天王寺 彫はる氏による倶利伽羅剣の堂々たる大作。炎をまとい屹立する三鈷剣に倶利伽羅龍王が巻き付く様が、雄大豪壮に描き出されている。

The imposing masterpiece of the Kurikara-ken by Tennoji Horiharu who pursues machine lining and tebori shading in order to achieve both the clear lines and the profond color. The kurikara-ryu dragon wrapping itself around a soaring trident vajra sword clad in flames, is depicted in a majestic and grandiose manner.

It is also noteworthy not only for its strength but also for the exquisite and smooth shading that Horiharu takes into account the ink mixing under the skin and in the needle bundles. This work is extremely dynamic, but also has a somewhat static beauty. The perfect balance of delicacy and grandeur is what Horiharu’s signature shines through.



The Kurikara-ken is a sacred sword held by Fudo Myoo in his right hand, and has also been a symbol of Fudo Myoo since ancient times. In Buddhism, it is believed to eliminate greed, anger, and foolishness, the three fundamental worldly desires to be conquered.

It is also referred to as a Kenryu (sword dragon), because it is mainly depicted with the Kurikara-ryu dragon coiled around it as a burning flame. Here, a Sanskrit character representing Fudo Myoo can be seen on its point.

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