“Cho Jun”
Kansai HORISHIGE the 5th
関西 五代目彫重 “張順”


関西彫りならではの堂々たる太い額に浮世絵に範を取った簡略化された主題が映える、五代目 彫重氏による張順の水門破りを背中に奢った総身彫り。




Soshin-bori (full bodysuit) of Cho Jun breaking a watergate by Horishige the 5th, in which the simplified subject modeled on ukiyo-e glows with the imposing and bold gaku which is unique to Kansai-bori style.

The sense of profound dynamism that emanates from the entire body is due not only to the composition, but also to the perfect balance between hon-bokashi (dark shading) and usu-bokashi (light shading) that he attaches great importance to.

The expression of Cho Jun’s determined face and powerful limbs as he breaks the watergate with his superhuman strength and is about to invade the enemy castle by himself are also superbly rendered.

Please note that some of the small pieces are by other artists.




Since Cho Jun has been explained in this section earlier, I would like to describe fox spirit depicted on the belly here.

It has been believed that long-lived foxes possess divine power, and in particular, foxes over a thousand years old are said to be able to communicate with the heavens and no longer be a kind of yokai (Japanese monster), but rather be equivalent to deities. It is probably against this background that the white foxes came to be worshiped as a dependent of Inari Daimyojin.

The nine-tails fox which was treated as an auspicious beast in ancient China and later appeared in stories as Daji and Tamamonomae is very famous, but generally the number of tails of the fox spirit varies.

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