“Karajishi Botan”
Harizanmai GOTCH
針三昧 五打 “唐獅子牡丹”


和彫りにおける図柄の典型である唐獅子牡丹も京都針三昧 五打氏の手に掛かれば、かくの如き異様を呈する。氏が社寺建築の装飾からインスピレーションを得て生み出した“神社トライバル”なる意匠が、あたかも鎧のように獅子を飾り立てている。


Karajishi Botan (Chinese lion with peony), a typical design in Japanese traditional tattooing, is presented in an unusual manner in the hands of Gotch from Harizanmai Kyoto. The “Jinjya Tribal”, inspired by the decorations of shrine and temple architecture, adorns the karajishi as if it were a suit of armor.

Jinjya Tribal is a very heavy and solid expression, but since the decorations of Japanese traditional architecture are originally based on cloud and wave motifs, it is surprisingly compatible with Japanese style tattoos. This work is filled with the originality that only Gotch, who has always sought to be different, can offer.



The karajishi is one of the auspicious beasts that were revered as the king of the hundreds beasts in ancient China. Although a brave and courageous karajishi is the guardian of the sanctuary, it is said that the small bug that arises in its body threatens its life.

However, the morning dew from the peony flower has the power to kill the bug, so the karajishi falls asleep under the peony at night. Because of this tradition, it is customary for the karajishi to be depicted with peonies.

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