“Monstrous Lobster”
Harizanmai GOTCH
五打 “化け海老”

2018年に台湾で開催された国際コンベンション“I LOVE TATTOO”のボディスーツ部門にて最優秀賞に輝いた五打氏の代表作のひとつ。「海地獄」がコンセプトとなっており、海中であるにも関わらず鬼火が躍る異様な光景が全身で表現されている。おどろおどろしくも力強く、迫力のある描写は五打氏の真骨頂だ。

This is one of Gotch’s representative works, which won the grand award in the bodysuit category at the “I Love Tattoo” international convention held in Taiwan in 2018. The concept is the ocean of hell, and a bizarre scene in which demon fire burns despite the fact that it is underwater is expressed with the entire body. The frightening, powerful, and forceful depiction is the quintessence of his style.


Gotch’s skill in not only covering up the small tattoos that were already scattered several parts of the body, but also blending them into this bodysuit project, is noteworthy. For example, the splasht subject on the chest is a reworking of an abstract tattoo piece that was originally there, with a design reminiscent of coral. He has a wealth of tattooing experience so that he is able to conceive of such ideas.


The most striking feature is the blackish and oddly shaped monstrous spiny lobster crawling on the back. From the beginning, the project was designed to be a bodysuit, which made it possible to create a bold composition of extending the antennae not only on the back but also on both sleeves. The heavy and voluminous black characteristic of his work creates an unearthly powerful pressure that overwhelms the viewer.

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