町田 彫剣 “張順”


色を使わず墨の濃淡のみで表現するカラス彫りの手法によって描き上げられた張順の水門破り。安定した力強いスジとメリハリの利いたボカシにより、単色ながら多色使いの作品に勝るとも劣らない迫力を生み出している。まとまりの良い端正な描画と和彫り特有の凄みの両立こそが町田 彫剣氏の特長だと言えるだろう。ヒカエから腕にかけては潔く桜吹雪のみとすることで、彫剣氏の追求する額の美しさが存分に示されている。

“Chojun breaking through a water gate”, created by karasu-bori method which uses only shades of black ink without any color. The stable, strong lines and lively shading create a monochromatic work that is no less powerful than works using multiple colors. The combination of the neat and balanced drawing and the unique awesomeness of irezumi are the characteristics of Machida Horiken’s works. The beauty of gaku (irezumi background) that Horiken pursues is fully shown by applying only sakura-fubuki from the chest to the sleeves.


Chojun is one of the heroes in “Suikoden” and an expert swimmer, and his nickname is Rorihakucho which means a minnow swimming through the waves. The scene depicted here is one known as “water gate breaking”. Chojun traced the river alone and smashed through the floodgate that lead to the castle with superhuman strength in order to destroy the enemy army. At that time Chojun was discovered and eventually killed but contributed to his side’s victory, later due to his bravery he got enshrined as the water god of the Yangtze River.
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