“Gyoran Kannon”
豊梵天 “魚籃観音”


どっしりとした色の厚みが特徴である古典的な和彫りとは異なり、機微に富んだ精妙な色遣いで魅せるDEMPATOO 豊梵天氏らしい風合いで表現された魚籃観音のバックピース。日焼けにより本来の美しさは幾分薄れてしまっているが、それでもなお繊細な描写が目を楽しませてくれる。


Unlike classic Japanese tattooing that is characterized by its thick color, this back piece of Gyoran Kannon is expressed with the unique flavor of Yutaka Bonten of Dempatoo, who uses subtle and exquisite color. The original beauty of the work has been somewhat diminished by a sunburn, but the delicate depiction is still pleasing to the eye.

As a tattoo motif, Gyoran Kannon is often depicted standing on the back of a giant descending carp, but here they are skillfully expressed sitting in a half lotus position on a rising carp.


Kannon Bosatsu is said to change themselves into 33 forms in order to save all sentient beings, and Gyoran-Kannon is one of them. Since they appeared as a beautiful woman selling fish and spreading Buddhism, they were given the name “Gyoran” which means a bamboo basket for fish. In Japan, Gyoran Kannon was worshiped from the Middle Ages onward as a protector against evil spirits, poisonous dragons and demons, as well as for their ability to bring about great catches and safe voyages.
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