“Taira no Tomomori”
府中 彫剛 “平 知盛”


栄華を極めた平家が衰退の一途を辿る平安時代末期において、苛烈な戦さに身を投じ運命に抗い続けた智将、平 知盛。その生き様は後世にも語り継がれ、歌舞伎『義経千本桜』や能『碇潜』にも描かれ、今なお愛されている。

Taira no Tomomori was a resourceful general who risked his life by throwing himself into fierce battles at the end of the Heian period. At this time the once prosperous Taira clan was at a steady decline. This story of bravery has been handed down from generation to generation, and continues to be depicted in the Kabuki drama “Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura” and Noh drama “Ikari Kazuki” which are both loved depictions.


Tomomori lost the battle with the Minamoto clan and to protect his honor threw himself into the sea at Dannoura to commit suicide. He was said to have entered the water carrying a huge anchor so he would not be exposed and humiliated. This act, commonly known as “Ikari Tomomori,” shows noble determination and evokes sympathy and is also a common motif in irezumi.


In this beautifully crafted piece, the sad and brave figure Tomomori stands in front of Minamoto no Yoshitsune as a ghost.

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