“Tanmei Jiro”
町田 彫剣 “短命二郎”


前回、このWORKS GALLERYにて紹介した“鬼若丸の鯉退治”と同じく巨鯉にしがみ付く人物像をモチーフとした作品であるが、こちらは水滸伝に登場する豪傑のひとりである阮小五で、渾名を短命二郎という。


Like Oniwakamaru which was introduced at the last time of Works Gallery content, this work is besed on the motif of a figure grapping a giant carp. This is Gen Shogo, one of the great heroes of “Suikoden”, and his nickname is Tanmei Jiro.

The lively and dynamic subject matter is depicted among a delicate and also powerful gaku (background) which is Machida Horiken’s specialty. The vivid niju-bori (irezumi in an irezumi) of chrysanthemums that adorn the body of Tanmei Jiro delights the eyes of the onlooker. This work is currently undergoing an extension from kora-bori (carapace style) to munewari (bodysuit with the opening on the front panel) with full sleeves.



Tanmei Jiro was the second of the three Gen brothers who were fishermen by trade, and was a hot-blooded character who spent most of his time gambling and fighting, so he was given that nickname because people said “If you get involved with him, you will lose your life”. Tanmei means short-lived, and Jiro means the second brother.

With a great ambition to wield his power for the world, Tanmei Jiro took a part of Ryozanpaku where 108 heroes had gathered, and led a navy to overthrow the corrupt authorities and fought until his last breath to save his country.

※町田 彫剣氏のインタビュー記事はこちら
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