“Danshichi Kurobe”
町田 彫剣 “団七九郎兵衛”


どっしりと黒の利いた額に、鬼気迫る表情の団七九郎兵衛が浮かび上がる町田 彫剣氏による甲羅彫り。井桁に片足を掛け釣瓶から勢いよく水を浴びて返り血を流す団七の雄々しい姿は、歌川国芳の浮世絵『木曽街道六十九次』が元となる。この一幕は夏祭りの時期ゆえ本来であれば化粧彫りには朝顔などが望ましいが、クライアントの希望を尊重し桜吹雪としている。

This is a kora-bori (carapace style) by Machida Horiken, in which Danshichi Kurobe with tense expression on his face is depicted in gaku featuring deep black. The heroic figure of Danshichi, with putting one foot on the well curb and washing away the spurt of blood, is based on Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s series of ukiyoe “Kiso Kaido Rokujukyu Tsugi”. Since it is the time of the summer festival, morning glories would be preferable for kesho-bori but cherry blossoms are used at the client’s request.


Danshichi Kurobe is the protagonist of the popular Kabuki play “Natsumatsuri Naniwakagami,” and is the epitome of otoko-date (kind of dandism) who values faithfulness even at the cost of his life. He tries to save the son of his benefactor from a crisis, but his father-in-law who is blinded by greed interferes and an argument ensues. Danshichi endures insult after insult, but in the end unwillingly kills him. Here is a scene of Danshichi bathing in well water to wash off the blood and mud he was exposed to during that time.

※町田 彫剣氏のインタビュー記事はこちら
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