町田 彫剣 “一匹龍”


湧き立つ雲を掻き分け天へと駆け上がらんとする黒龍の威容を描いた、町田 彫剣氏による堂々たるバックピース。化粧彫りの紅葉も含め、使われる色は大きく黒と朱、そして黄のみで極めて重厚な仕上がりとなっている。


An imposing back piece by Machida Horiken, which depicts the majesty of a black dragon breaking through the clouds and ascend to the heavens. The colors used, including the momiji leaves as kesho-bori (decorative objects around main motif), are largely only black, vermilion and yellow for an extremely dignifyied finish.

In addition to the main subject, the black dragon, the fierce flow of kumo-mikiri (cloud background) that surrounds it is also worth noting. The description of the clouds, as if you can hear the sound of the wind roaring, gives the black dragon even more power.



The dragon is one of the auspicious beasts considered to be the chief of all animals in the world. It was one of the most popular motifs among fire fighters who commonly got irezumi in the Edo period (1603-1868), no matter how big or small it was, because the dragon has the power to travel between heaven and earth and make it rain.

In particular, the image of a rising dragon heading for the sky is considered to be a figure boldly trying to achieve a goal, and is believed to bring good luck in achieving a great desire.

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