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2020年11月22-23日の両日、新宿のライブハウスLOFTにて我が国では現在唯一となるタトゥーコンベンションKING OF TATTOOが開催された。コロナ禍ゆえ各日共に来場者を80人に制限しての決行となったため、チケットは即完売。2017年を最後に3年振りの開催であったということもあろう、刺青フリーク達がどれだけこのイベントを待ちわびていたか、その熱量が窺い知れる。

On November 22nd and 23rd of 2020, The King of Tattoo was held at the live house Loft in Shinjuku. It is currently the only tattoo convention being held in Japan. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 80 attendees were allowed to take part per day, and the presale tickets sold out virtually instantly online. It was obviously how much the tattoo community in Japan reveres and looks forward to this event by this immediate sale. This year was the first time since 2017, that this convention was held.

開催に至ったきっかけには、世界的にも話題になった“刺青裁判”での喜ばしい決着がある。すでに様々なメディアで取り上げられた内容なので、ここではその詳細は割愛するが、これまで排斥対象であった刺青に光が当てられた画期的な判決だった。今回のKING OF TATTOOには、その祝宴としての意味合いが強かったのである。

当日は弁護団の一角を担った吉田弁護士がステージ上でその想いを熱く語り、コンベンションの主催を務めるTOKYO HARDCORE TATTOOKATSUTA★氏からタトゥーマシンを模したトロフィー(WIZARDタトゥーサプライ贈呈)が手渡される一幕もあった。

The event that triggered the quick decision to hold this convention was the joyful resolution of the “Irezumi Trial” in Japan that captivated the tattoo community globally. I will not revisit the details of the trial here, as it has been covered extensively in other media posts, but it was a landmark case that legitimized tattooing in Japan. Thus, King Of Tattoo 2020 was not only a convention but a banquet of celebration of this positive ruling.

On the first day of the convention, the lawyer Yoshida responsible for the ruling spoke about his passion for tattoos and Katsuta★ of Tokyo Hardcore Tattoo, the organizer of the event, handed him a trophy constructed with of a tattoo machine, made by Wizard T.S.


In 2021, King of Tattoo will be held on October 2nd and 3rd again at Shinjuku Loft. As a genuine punk who has lived life through music, Katsuta★ has a desire to help support the venues and live houses, like Loft, that are in dire straits due to the pandemic. He mentioned that the number of tickets that will be sold may be limited as Covid-19 may still be lingering in Tokyo.

これまでコンベンションの運営に当たり、卑劣な嫌がらせや公権力の介入など様々な障害があったという。しかしそれら全てに「FUCK OFF」を突き付け、邁進してきたKATSUTA★氏である、新型コロナにも屈するはずがない。日本のタトゥーシーンの活性化を願い活動を続ける氏にはコロナ収束後の構想もあり、より大きな会場を使いスケールアップしたイベントにしていきたいという言葉を聞くことができた。一人の刺青フリークとして、今から楽しみでならない。

Running a tattoo convention in Japan has had many obstacles and public authorities to conquer. Katsuta★, in true punk rock manner says “Fuck off” to all of them and pushes forward regardless. He also is not going to give in to the pandemic. He always continues the revitalization of the tattoo scene in Japan, and has future plans to make the event bigger in a larger venue after the Covid panic subsides. As a lover of tattoos, I can’t wait for the day.

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