Swallow Nest HORIHIRO
彫飛呂 “鬼若丸の鯉退治”


力強い描線とムラのない色彩で、歌川国芳の浮世絵に倣ったヒネリの利いた構図を見事に描いたSWALLOW NEST 彫飛呂氏による『鬼若丸の鯉退治』。鬼若丸はまだ子供ゆえ、勇壮さの中にもあどけなさを感じさせる表情の機微にも着目されたし。延暦寺に預けられていた稚児であったため習わしとして女物の着物を纏っており、その柄の細かな針仕事がシンプルな構成の中に華を添えている。

With strong lines and even colors, Horihiro of Swallow Nest masterfully depicted the twisted composition of “Oniwakamaru and the giant carp” which is based on Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s ukiyoe. Oniwakamaru is still a child, so his expression is one of bravery with a hint of innocence. As a page entrusted to Enryakuji Temple, he wore a woman’s kimono as was customary, and the fine needlework of the pattern adds a touch of beauty to the relatively simple design.


Oniwakamaru had been in his mother’s womb for 18 months, and when he was born, he had already grown hair and teeth, so was given this name because he was like an oni (Japanese demon). While living at Enryakuji Temple, Oniwakamaru heard that the 2.5m tall giant carp in a nearby pond was eating women and children, so he jumped into the pond and killed the carp with a single swing of his short sword. Later, he was kicked out of the temple for being too violent and outrageous, and took the name Musashibo Benkei, then met Minamoto no Yoshitsune and became his loyal vassal.



The sleeves are decorated with “Men-chirashi”. The five masks (Go-men in Japanese language) such as Tengu, Okina and Hannya are combined the word “Tenka Gomen” which means to behave in a dignified manner without hesitation. This is a chic and old-fashioned design.

After the photo shoot, gaku (background) has been adding to the back. Please check out the progresss on Horihiro’s Instagram.

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