刺青愛好会 July 2021 in Tokyo




Most tattoo enthusiasts’ gatherings tend to be centered around clients of single tattooer or tattoo family, which may give the impression of being closed to the public. However “Irezumi Aikokai” (simply means irezumi enthusiast’s club) introduced here is an exception. It doesn’t matter who the tattooer is, what the category is, or even if you have a tattoo. Since its inception in 2016, the group has been working to spread its awareness, hoping to become a place where people who genuinely love tattoos and those who are interested in them can interact and get to know each other.



Irezumi Aikokai is headed by Hiroyuki Nemoto, also known as Nempi. He is a so-called “dad” who usually works hard at the scrap factory, and on weekends is busy with his family. Nempi who neither a tattoo artist nor an event promoter but just a tattoo enthusiast, has been able to grow Irezumi Aikokai to this level because of his passion for “boosting the tattoo culture in Japan.”

The club started with only about 10 people in his hometown of Ibaraki, but the number of participants gradually increased due to the spread of word of mouth, SNS and some magazine coverage. Now, around each 100 people gather at the once-a-year meetings held in Tokyo and Osaka.


Nempi says, “Of course, I didn’t make it this far on my own, but there is a planning team of about 10 people with rich personalities supporting me for the future of tattoo culture in Japan.” Currently, the meetings are only held in the form of a buffet party, but they are planning to hold other events in the future, such as a photo exhibition by the official photographer.


Everyone who comes here is friendly and cheerful, including Nempi who smiles and says, “Most importantly, the smiles of the participants are my bread and butter.” As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter if you have a tattoo or not, big or small, complete or incomplete, the only thing that matters is that you love tattoos. For those who are curious about Irezumi Aikokai, you should definitely try visiting there.

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