Swallow Nest HORIHIRO
彫飛呂 “燕”


和洋どちらの道にも明るいSWALLOW NEST 彫飛呂氏ならではの型破りな傑作である。オールドスクールタトゥーのシンボリックなモチーフであるツバメを背中一面に大胆にあしらいながら、周囲を和彫りの額で飾っている。主題であるツバメが和柄のように見えたり、また逆に額が西洋装飾のアラベスクのように見えたりもするだろう。意外な親和性に気付かせてくれる衝撃的なバックピースだ。

This is an unconventional masterpiece which only Horihiro of Swallow Nest can create. He is the expert in both of Japanese and Western style, and this is a perfect example of his work. The symbolic swallow, a prevalent symbol in western old school tattooing, is eloquently finish off with a traditional Japanese gaku (background). This graceful blend makes any viewer stare in awe at the difficulty of making such a combination happen.


The swallow is a traditional motif favored by western sailors, the originators of old school tattooing. Voyages at sea were full of danger and a constant fear of death, returning home safely was never guaranteed. Sailors used the image of the swallow as good luck because the bird would safely return to the same place every year to raise its young. It is also said that tattooing a swallow on top of a person’s hand is an indication that the person can fight and their fists “fly fast”.


The right side of this client’s body is covered in American traditional one point pieces and the left side is covered in Japanese conventional designs. The balance is impeccable and does not take away from either side, respectively. The client, in a sense, looks like a walking piece of old school flash. It is also fair to say that this client is indeed a walking example of what Horihiro’s work is all about.

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