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The majority of people we have interviewed so far are people who have their own shops or private businesses and live their lives by the beat of their own drum.

Takuro, however is a special case. He is an employee of a major company yet still lives his life without persecution because of his tattoos, which is very rare in Japan.



Takuro spent his childhood obsessing over the game of football. As a member of an U-15 team, he watched many European League games on satellite TV and noticed that the most impressive players not only had masterful skills, they also had beautiful tattoos. As a young boy, who had not yet been swayed by the prejudices a lot of Japanese feel towards tattoos, looking at the beauty of the tattoos that adorned his favorite players was something special that stuck with him forever.

He also grew a longing for the world outside of Japan, which helped in erasing the negative stereotypes that are so easily labeled to people who have tattoos here. He has the word “Amizade” (Portuguese for friendship) tattooed on his wrist as a reminder of those days as it was the slogan of the team he was playing for at this transformative time.



Fast-forward a few years later, and his yearning for travel and culture outside of Japan was still prevalent and he felt working at the airport was a good expression of that. He started working for an airline company as a ground staff on the runways and tarmacs. At this time, he was already interested in tattoos and had several on his body; this is not always easy in Japan.

His colleagues and direct superiors praised him for his work ethic, but there was always a lurking rumor he was being slandered by others in other departments because of his tattoos.



He heard things like, “That department is a group of idiots and hoodlums.” which made him feel guilty as his tattoos were affecting his co-workers and bosses. But the company they worked for promoted on a merit based system, and Takuro continued to show his dedication and skill.

As a result, he became the youngest person to hold a position of power in the company, and of course after that, the murmurs and rumors stopped completely. “There was no point in arguing with them using words, I thought it was important to show them with my actions.”

タクロウさんの身体を飾るタトゥーはその多くが、地元神戸JCM INKの彫ひろし氏によるものだ。そのスタイルや技術はもとより、人柄に惚れ込んだ部分も大きいと話す。折しもタクロウさんが彫ひろし氏と出会ったとき、氏は二号店を出したばかりで奮闘しているところだった。現状に甘んじることなく、新たなステージに進もうとするその姿勢に感銘を受けたのだと語る。

またタクロウさんはJCM INKにゲストワークに来ていた沖縄MUSTANG TATTOOのタナ氏とも親交を深めており、氏に彫ってもらうためだけに何度か沖縄まで足を運んでいる。「勢いのある人、前へ向かう意志力のある人が好きなんです。そういう人と一緒にいた方が人生が楽しくなりますから」。

A great number of his tattoos were done by Horihiroshi of JCM Ink in Kobe. Takuro mentioned that he was charmed with Horihiroshi’s personality as well as his style and technique. When Takuro first met Horihiroshi, he had just open up his second studio and it had not yet taken off. Takuro said he was so impressed with his willingness to move on to a new stage and not settle for the status quo.

Takuro has also made a strong connection with Tana of Mustang Tattoo in Okinawa, who worked as a guest artist at JCM Ink several times. He has travelled to Okinawa several times to get work done by him as well. “I like people who have a lot of energy and who power to move forward, life is more fun when you are with people like that.”


今回、彼が愛車を任せる神戸のカスタムショップCREEK MOTORCYCLEで取材をさせてもらったが、ここのオーナー氏も若くして自分の店を構えた「勢いのある」人物だ。

Takuro mentions, “I am not a person who likes to be patient. I don’t argue with people talking badly about me because of my tattoos, It is not my way. I make sure I do what I have to do to prove myself and them wrong about me.” This ideal is reenforced in his love for old Harleys. “Old bikes take a lot to maintain and it is very costly, but I would rather work hard and never give up, than let it go.”

This interview took place at Creek Motorcycles, where the owner takes care of Takuro’s bike. The owner was a very gracious host and is also a person who shares the values Takuro respects. He opened his shop when he was young and is also energetic and hard working.



Takuro has made two career changes since the airline job and now holds a position in a company where he deals with overseas clients. As a young boy he had a longing for the world outside of Japan and now that longing is becoming a reality.

Takuro has consistently changed his environment by hard work and never resourced to harsh words or aggressive retaliation. He says he is attracted to people with drive and there is no doubt that Takuro himself has the drive and power to propel him forward in everything he does.

JCM INK www.instagram.com/jcm_ink_bad_hands
MUSTANG TATTOO www.instagram.com/tana_tattooer

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