芳柳 “魯智深”




This powerful back piece done by Houryu depicts Rochishin firmly standing on a rock and swinging his cudgel with a background of dynamically swirling wind and clouds. It can be said that his strength lies in the grandeur of his straightforward style without any tricks. Although it is extremely classical, the certainty of the lines and shade and the accuracy of the composition give it the sophistication of a modern horimono.

Note that both sleeves are done by another artist.



Rochishin is one of the great heroes in “Suikoden”, with a huge muscular frame and exceptional strength. He was a Buddhist monk and had tattoos all over his body, which earned him the nickname “Kaosho” (flower monk).

Many of the characters in the book are ruthless, however Rochishin is portrayed as a good man who helps the weak and discourages the strong, so that he became popular among the people of Edo who valued chivalry. For this reason, he is still common as a subject for horimono.

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