“Lucky Charms”
Swallow Nest HORIHIRO
彫飛呂 “縁起物づくし”


縁起物づくしとも呼ぶべき圧巻の胸割り。打ち出の小槌や大黒恵比寿といった定番から、左馬の将棋駒などの洒落っ気の利いたモチーフまでSWALLOW NEST DESIGN WORKの彫飛呂氏によって丁寧に描き出されている。


This is a very impressive example of munewari (chest split body suit) full of lucky charms and symbols. This suit is the masterful work of Horihiro of Swallow Nest Design Work and includes the standard motifs such as Uchide-no-Kozuchi and Daikoku & Ebisu along with the rare subjects like Shogi piece that shows an inverted horse.

Although a combination of smaller designs, it is very apparent from a distance what is going on in this piece due to the refined line work and color. Although the frightening severed head and hannya mask may seem out of place in a collaboration of good luck charms, it is interesting to note they are also considered good luck motifs and used to ward off evil.


There is a saying in Japan, “Do your best and leave the rest to providence.” It means to put all of your heart and soul into your efforts and then leave the rest to fate. I think this sense of humility and diligence also perfectly apply to lucky charm culture. Charms are meant to bring good omens and fortune but effort is also an important part of success. If you sit idle, a god will be less likely to lend a hand.


Most of the designs in this body suit were proposed by the client, who runs a business that provides for his family and his employees. His full body of lucky charms seems to exude the will and determination to “Do the best I can” for them.

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