豊梵天 “阿修羅”



Yutaka Bonten of Dempatoo has completed an awesome nuki-bori back piece of supple and dynamic Ashura, which fits the form of the client’s body. Ashura is often portrayed with an angry expression because they are recognized as a demon god who fought against Taishakuten, but as they are originally a good god, sometimes portrayed with a benevolent expression like the statue at Kofukuji Temple. The very colorful and vivid result is shown here and it goes without saying that this requires skill to leave the ink precisely under the skin without damaging the skin.

The origin of Ashura dates back to ancient Persia. They were a good sun god who brought blessings, but as time went by they were given a completely different character as an evil god who spent all his time fighting. After being adopted into Buddhism, they became one of the eight gods who guard the Buddha. The three-faced, six-armed figure is common, but there are also statues and paintings with different numbers of faces and arms.
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