府中 彫剛 “張順”



Chojun is one of the 108 heroes who appear in “Suikoden”, a classic series of novels originating from China. This book got popular during Edo period in Japan and motifs were widely used by Ukiyo-e artists and the heroic designs have become synonymous with Japanese irezumi.



This scene in this back-piece is known as “water gate breaking”. This story behind this design is a scene where Chojun, who was considered a good swimmer, traces the river alone and smashes through the floodgates that lead to the castle with superhuman strength in order to destroy the enemy army that was trying to hold the castle. At that time Chojun was discovered and eventually killed but due to his bravery he is enshrined as the water god of the Yangtze River. 

It is also worth noting that Chojun himself wears a full-body tattoo, therefore he’s a perfect subject for “Nijubori” which means the double tattooing.


In addition, both of this client’s arms are adorned with Chinese lions and his body is scattered with colorful peonies, as there is a legend that the morning dew dripping from the peonies will kill the bags that threaten the lion’s life.

※府中 彫剛氏のインタビュー記事はこちら
※See Fuchu Horigou’s interview here

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