“Battle Royale”
Swallow Nest HORIHIRO
彫飛呂 “バトルロワイヤル”



Be it light and dark, life or death, good or evil, people all over the world have nurtured civilizations on these ideas of dualism. This duality is often expressed in the composition of an eagle and a snake in Western designs, and also a prominent design in tattooing since the 19th century. According to one theory, the eagle symbolizes the sun and sky, and the snake symbolizes Earth and water. It is considered a design that contrasts the balance of nature while expressing the power each force has on its own.


ここに見るのはSWALLOW NEST DESIGN WORK 彫飛呂氏による傑作。みっちりと色が詰められていながら、肌へのダメージに起因する色飛びがないことに注目されたし。また迷いのないラインワークの美しさや破綻のない構成力も特筆に価する。

This idea of duality is captured in many forms and is referred to as a “Battle Royale”. In some instances a dragon is put into the mix to represent an Asian influence. The three battling figures, and the level of dynamic power in one composition has become extremely popular and a perfect example of an old school tattoo designs.

In this piece, Horihiro of Swallow Nest Design Work, tightly packs in color into the design. His technique is so refined that color pops, and there is very little fading due to the limited damage it causes to the skin. It is also worthy of mentioning the beauty of the unwavering line work and flawless composition.


Other areas of the client’s body are decorated with smaller one-point pieces also done by Horihiro. Some of the pieces represent a bit bawdy idea of not taking one’s self too serious. This ideal is what American traditional tattooing is all about, and a distinctive quality of Horihiro that sets him apart.
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